Here are preliminary prices. For exact prices please contact us.

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Regular website. Usualy consists of several pages (eg "About Us", "Services", "Customers", "Contact" and so on.). You will be able to have as much pages as you need. It may have various functions and features as photo/video gallery, guest book, contact/rezervation forms, forum, users registration and others. Easily managed using a CMS (content management system), you will be able to manage almost all the information on your website by yourself.

Approximate development price: 1000 – 4000 EUR


Catalog mode website. It is an attractive option for companies which are looking to start a more active business on the Internet. This is a regular website with company products or services. More complex version of the web site at an affordable price.

Approximate development price: 1500 – 8000 EUR


Online Shop. Catalog mode website, but has the ability to purchase services online. For further information, please contact us.

Approximate development price: 2000 – 12000 EUR


Website administration. If you do not have time or do not want to learn and go deeper into CMS, you can assign administration work to us. Depending on the size of a website, price may vary several times. For particular price you should contact us.

Approximate price: 100 – 500 EUR per month


Website optimization for search engines (SEO). It might be partial or full optimization. Full optimization is quite expensive, but the price depends on number of competitors and how well optimizes is their websites.

Price of partial optimization: 150 - 500 EUR

Price of full optimization: please contact us for price


If you need very specific services, big online shop, classified ads - please contact us.