You should ask yourself the question – for what purpose website will be used. Maybe you need only the company's business card, which describes the company, it‘s activities, partners and contacts - detailed information about the company, customer information. Or maybe you want to publish complete information about the company and have a catalog of your products/services. And if you are willing to make direct business and sales online, then internet shop would be best solution to reach your customers online. So you have to make a decision for what purpose you need the website.

What is your website target audience?


Secondly, you have to ask yourself, who will visit the web site. Who will be your visitors – natural person or corporate customers?  If the answer is natural persons - then you should differentiate them even more deeply: by age, education, income, marital status, etc., because individuals are often irrational, they are buying goods or services in accordance with a prior opinion or feelings. If a company focused on the corporate customer, everything becomes a little easier. In this case, feelings is not so appealing – most important things is price and quality. Other factors do not mean much.

Distinguish website visitors needs.


Website is a flow of information.You are the provider of information, and your visitors is a receiver. If you will not have this in mind, you will have a website which meets your need, but not your visitors and clients needs.

Your goal - to attract more customers and make them interested in your services. Visitors' goal is to get a product or service they need. But this is not their direct needs.

When visitors enters your website, direct their needs is to answer a questions to themselves such as:


  • Can I trust them?
  • Do they have anything beneficial to me?
  • Are they good at their job?

So first you have to remove visitors and clients fears. This is an essential task.

Information flow

When you found out what potential users wants then you must:


  • Distinguish different groups of visitors
  • Find out what each of these groups are looking for by visiting your website
  • Determine what information is required to fulfil visitors needs
  • Figure out what might deter visitors from your web site

With a clear vision of your web site and knowing what the visitor wants, you can already contact us to begin website development.